​​​Since the Roman Empire approximately 600 million people have died in political or religious wars.

What has changed?

Our Mission

It is our mission to create the change that ends the destructive cycle of humanity, that is destroying our world, and evolve beyond non sustainability.

In order to break the destructive cycle of human behavior , we need to do something different.  Maybe we should look to nature and science, since they have no politics or religion to fight over. There is a natural harmony the universe and nature understands and it is a natural order that requires no rulers or empires.

CEO Planet Earth

If you shut your eyes and imagine you or your descendants came back here in 1000 years time. What sort of world would you like to live in. Create it and it will be so.

Be the generation that created the change

              ​Our Purpose

Make the world a better place for all

The lion only takes what he needs.

Animals understand sustainability

There is a basic universal law that when understood, could dramatically change our world.

The law of supply and demand

This law states that if you focus on Supply, Demand will drop to the level of supply.

If you create Demand , Supply must follow

How this works is very simple as shown in the 2 examples I will share.

If you want to travel the world and you only have $200.00, your supply says you can't go. You can only go to the local beach for a day. If you create demand, you will get another job and save, doing whatever it takes to get the money to travel the world.

In 1955 the space race began and continued until 1972, between the USSR and USA. At the beginning they did not have the ability to send men into space or reach the moon.They did not have the finances to achieve it either. If they looked at the supply line, which is what they had, they would not have been able to get there. Instead they created demand,and over 1 trillion dollars later, in 1969 the USA landed on the moon and the technological advances for humanity have been incredible with a space station manned by both Russians and Americans. They also created a competition and a prize which was supremacy in technology for the war machine.

If we apply the same principle to Politics and Philosophy, anything is possible. When talking to people about changing the political systems in the world, they automatically look at the supply line and say it can't be done. If we follow the universal law of Supply and Demand we can create enough demand for a better system and supply must follow.

This might sound simplistic, but it is a universal law that works and once we apply it correctly, thinking beyond what we have, then supply must follow.